Being The More Stylish And Sexier You At Night Club Party With Hot Pink Dress Shoes

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Male Pattern Baldness Option

Plagued by male pattern baldness like millions of others? Are you more than a little concerned about the blizzard of hair adorning your bathroom sink or clogging your shower drain?

Okay, it’s not quite that bad but noticing what seems to be a continual cascade of falling hair day after day is. Do you have a special event coming up like a wedding, convention or class reunion where you want to look your best? Or maybe you are interviewing for a new job and just want to feel better about your looks.

Have you been losing your hair for some time and wish you would have done something about it sooner? Why men and women lose their hair can be based on any number of factors but the most universal is androgenic alopecia.

For those of us who sometimes procrastinate, whether intentionally or due to a hectic schedule and need instant help in our eleventh hour, this post is intended to provide you with an immediate solution to masking hair loss. Whether this solution is a temporary measure or permanent, is totally up to you.

The Truth about Male Pattern Baldness

The most common form of hair loss is androgenic alopecia…the official name for “male pattern baldness”. And, while genetics tops the list of possible suspects, here are some potential contributors:

DHT : Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) is a derivative of testosterone that increases as men age. DHT blocks blood flow to the scalp and damages hair follicles, affecting their growth. As DHT increases, the pocket surrounding the hair shaft decreases eventually causing the hair to fall out.

: Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) is a derivative of testosterone that increases as men age. DHT blocks blood flow to the scalp and damages hair follicles, affecting their growth. As DHT increases, the pocket surrounding the hair shaft decreases eventually causing the hair to fall out. Diet : Fatty foods are known to impact hormones, that may lead to increased DHT production. Caffeine is a diuretic and can contribute to the dehydration of your scalp, increased oil production, that may clog hair follicles and prevent normal growth.

: Fatty foods are known to impact hormones, that may lead to increased DHT production. Caffeine is a diuretic and can contribute to the dehydration of your scalp, increased oil production, that may clog hair follicles and prevent normal growth. Illness/Medication: In rare cases, illness or strong medications can temporarily result in sudden hair loss. The operative word here being “temporarily”. In this instance your hair will generally grow back.

While Propecia® and Minoxidil® are the only two FDA-approved treatments that have proven effective at curbing and sometimes reversing hair loss, they can take from 3 months to 1 full year to work…if they work for you at all. Not to mention potential side affects. You want, and can have, results now.

Get Relief from Male Pattern Baldness in 15 Seconds (or less)

A shake-on hair product containing all natural Keratin fibers may be an answer to male pattern baldness without surgery, without ingesting any pills, and without massaging creams into your scalp with unknown results. What you do get is an instant way to have a great look that’s painless, non-invasive, all natural and with natural-looking results that will stay on all day or all night. Here’s your eleventh hour answer to filling in thinning hair.

How Do Keratin Fibers Work for Male Pattern Baldness?

Natural keratin fibers statically adhere to the fine, thinning areas of your scalp. These fibers, color-matched to your own hair, are shaken over thinning areas, lightly patted in place and then completed with the spritz of a finishing spray.

The shake-on option is so fast, easy and natural looking, you’re done and on your way in 15 seconds (or less) with a renewed self-confidence. Until you make the decision to take steps for regrowing hair either through a product containing Minoxidil or hair transplant or through DHT blocking ingredients you have a solution, at least temporarily to eliminate some of that pressure.

All Keratin Hair Fiber Products offer these features

Not only do they all offer an instant solution for thinning hair and a problem with male pattern baldness but the natural, enriched keratin fibers come with list of other advantages:

You have a choice of multiple colors…usually, Blond, Light Gray, Gray, Auburn, Light Brown, Dark Brown, and Black

  • Hair fibers won’t drip or rub off
  • They won’t stain your clothes
  • The fibers wash out easily with shampoo
  • Use them as a compliment to other hair loss products you may choose
  • Does your head sweat? No problem. Most come with a finishing spray and some offer other products like shampoo
  • These will work on any hair type
  • Works well for men and women
  • One shake-on container can be expected to last for about 30 applications
  • Most have at least a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

If it’s not for you, after you try it, send it back for a refund but check to see if the manufacturer deducts shipping and handling for the product

Where do you buy shake-on hair fibers?

There are a number of places to find shake-on hair fibers and there are a number of manufacturers or distributors for the product. I have listed some of the more well known below.

I do not have any financial interest in any of these products or their manufacturers and I am not promoting one brand over another.

I am simply identifying another option for consideration in your treatment of thinning hair or male pattern baldness. Any of the links below will take you directly to that brand’s website should you wish additional information.

All but Tip Top Hair are available on Products are anywhere from $10.00 to $25.00 plus shipping for a one month option depending on where you choose to buy. Shipping will run between $4.95 and $5.95 and can be free depending on how much you order or where you buy.

This may be the answer you’ve been looking for or at least it gives you something else to consider. Hair doesn’t make the man or woman but for some….it helps.

So Many Options With Hermes Replica Scarves

Every now and then, I like to try to get as much as I can out of my accessories. That is why an Hermes scarf is such a great purchase. Hermes scarves are so versatile, you can literally change it into something new! These designer scarves are so luxurious and feel so great against your skin, so I think the more you can wear this item, the better you will feel! Check out my tips below for getting more mileage out of your Hermes silk scarves!

One of the easiest ways to wear your scarf in a different way is to wear it as a belt. Okay, this might sound like a no brainer, but check out the photograph above, and you can see how cool it looks (and it is easy to do). The only thing you have to do is fold it up (evenly) into a long strip, then wrap the length of the scarf around your waist! Another great way to utilize your silk scarves is to make a cute little bandeau top. Check out the next photo, also above, which illustrates how to do this. If you are looking for a cool top, check out the photographs below, which will show you a couple of ways to make your designer scarf into a designer top! I absolutely love the way that these tops look and feel, especially when you need to look great in no time!

So I have been talking about very expensive scarves that many people can’t afford, but here’s the good news: You can get these Hermes designer scarves for a reasonable price! Hermes replica scarves are the best way for me to look fabulous on a budget. They also come in the wonderful vibrant colors that Hermes is known for, and replica Hermes scarf is only a fraction of the price compared to the real thing! - Just click the link and see all of the wonderful replica Hermes scarves for yourself!

Alcohol Homelessness Rehab Addiction Alcohol

The image of a homeless alcohol addict, sleeping under a pile of newspapers, on a park bench at night is for many fact of life. Secure places for homeless alcohol addicts to sleep at night are limited. The reality is that some who are addicted to alcohol do not want the confines of safe shelter. They make a choice to sleep out in the street. There are people homeless due to alcohol addiction in every city.

Whereas most drug addicts don’t see middle age, alcohol addicts who are homeless can be in late middle to early old age. Homeless alcoholics include both men and women who have chosen the bottle as a way of life. Some advanced alcoholics drink methylated spirits. Young adults and teenagers, including children as young as 10, who have become homeless often use alcohol and may have alcohol dependence because alcohol is cheap, can be legally obtained and it is a comfort to them.

There are many reasons why adult alcohol addicts become homeless. Most have previously been able to accommodate and support themselves, some have even been quite prosperous, owning their own homes and businesses, or employed in executive jobs.

Alcoholism is not a disease, it is simply caused by stress. There is said to be a relationship between alcohol addiction and a diagnosis of mental illness, and certainly if not pre existent, prolonged alcohol abuse will cause both physical and mental ill health.

The problem of homeless alcoholics highlights the fact that our world is structured such that no one has an entitlement to safe shelter and to a roof over their head. In our world, to have safe shelter you have to go out and earn it. Unless you win lottery, or seek charity, or find yourself rounded up into the custody of the system, there is simply no place in this world where, without money, you can lawfully be. This makes for temporary hang outs and an itinerant life style for the people of the streets.

Part of the problem for the homeless addicted is that they lack a sense of purpose and self-identity. Their only continuing connection with mainstream society might be a social security linked bank account. With no job and no social security, then for all intents and purposes, the homeless addict is simply invisible to the system. The homeless alcoholic depends on his wits and upon charity.

Due to alcohol abuse being a passive defense to the experience of emotional pain, alcoholics are not, like addicts high on speed, regarded as a public threat, more of a public nuisance. Alcoholics function in the depressive range – with little hope or expectation for the future and low regard for self. For some, a need to accept charity perhaps for the first time can be an added blow to self esteem.

Government housing assists many in poverty but it goes with the assumption that people will still pay a rental which is within their means. Providing homes for the homeless would require a bottomless purse. Not only do they lack both money and possessions, they are destitute in spirit.

The solution to homeless addiction lies in raising self esteem and optimism for the future. Holistic counseling methods can bring relief from a depressive outlook and provide help with issues of self esteem. Often the ladder back into society can look too hard to climb. Holistic therapy, including 100% drug free detox methods for alcohol addiction can provide a helping hand.

Alcohol Drug Abuse Treatment

Alcohol drug abuse treatment deals with a variety of personality disorders in the compulsive range. When a person engages in compulsive behavior it is reasonably certain that the issues behind it are very deeply entrenched, such that no alternatives give the same degree of relief and satisfaction.

The medical fraternity considers alcohol and drug abuse to be a disease, or mental illness and so alcohol drug abuse treatment consists primarily of medications, sometimes but not always with associated therapy. What therapy there is, is often limited, a person after medical alcohol drug abuse treatment will often find himself out there on his own.

Sometimes government funded alcohol drug abuse treatment will involve attendance at funded self-help groups. Many complain after years, that although their condition is stabilized, they don’t feel they have really moved on. There is no alcohol drug abuse treatment that professes to have found a cure. The medical profession claims the reasons to be genetic and say that they are still looking for the genes, or that causes are unknown and are happy to leave it there. It is against the law for any non-medical health practitioner to claim to have found a cure for any type of health problem or addiction.

Alcohol drug abuse treatment has been around for years, the best for alcohol is the 12 step plan, teaching abstinence and methods to cope with the continued craving. Drug abuse is treated mainly with long term, less damaging chemical alternatives, in all cases people are called recovering or in recovery – never in medical terms do you hear of anyone who has recovered from the “disease” of addiction as they call it.

There are many who consider that alcohol drug abuse treatment should be directed towards people’s emotional side, and that possible cures, and healing can occur with holistic methods. Many agree that such alcohol drug abuse treatment should be somehow “dynamic”, re-creating and creating positive change. Not many have more than a theory as to how this can be achieved.

The idea that merely talking about your feelings, to someone who understands what you are talking about, and who can provide guidance, support and interpretation as a means of alcohol drug abuse treatment is too simple it seems to deserve any funding and lacks a clear evidence base. Millions of dollars is poured into the medical system, the evidence being overwhelming that their alcohol drug abuse treatment at best supports the afflicted, it’s nowhere near to a cure. Alcohol drug abuse still continues to rise.

What is clearly needed is a level playing field, with all types of alternative practices funded, on a trial basis, giving them a chance to prove their worth. Surely the current failure of standard alcohol drug abuse treatment to fully alleviate suffering should encourage a search for new and better methods, if only on humanitarian grounds. Currently medicine is very much re-inventing the wheel as it investigates, as possible cures, plants and herbal medicine, the holistic methods of old. It may well be found at the end of the day, that it is not new methodology we seek for alcohol drug abuse treatment but a return to community and personal relationship that we seem to have lost along the way.

Can Diabetes Be Cured

Diabetes has become a prevalent disease in our society today. According to the American Diabetes Association, 8.3% of the population has been diagnosed with this disease. Diabetes does not limit itself to race, class or gender; affecting celebrities like Halle Berry, Bret Michaels, Nick Jonas, Paula Deen, Salma Hayek and Bears Quarterback Jay Cutler.

As podiatrists we see the impact that diabetes can have on a person’s mobility. Many serious foot complications and other medical complications can be reduced or eliminated with control of blood glucose (sugar) levels. This control of blood glucose is not easy to accomplish as evidenced by the explosion of numbers of people with type 2 diabetes in this country and in the world. Type 2 Diabetes has become a major public health concern in the United States, as 26 million people in this country alone have type 2 diabetes. A large number of these cases are caused by or worsened by obesity.

Weight loss has been shown in research studies to reduce blood sugar levels and reduce need for medication and insulin for control. Weight loss is usually difficult to attain, especially for those significantly overweight, who have difficulty exercising. Two recent studies have garnered new hope for those with diabetes caused by obesity. These studies examined the surgical treatment of obesity and it’s relationship to diabetes. The studies followed patients who underwent gastric bypass weight loss surgery. This type of surgery reduces the size of the stomach and redirects some of the intestine to cause weight loss. These studies showed that, not only did patients lose weight and keep it off, but their diabetes significantly improved! These studies showed over 80% of patients no longer need to take medication to control their diabetes.

Weight loss surgery has been shown to significantly improve other obesity related health problems as well, such as high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease and sleep apnea to name a few. Current NIH standards still only recommend weight loss surgery for those significantly overweight that have failed other approaches at weight loss. Recent advances in surgical techniques have made the procedure safer, with complication rates lower than other common abdominal surgery, such as gall bladder removal. Hopefully, the increased safety and the demonstrated effectiveness in managing disease will widen the NIH recommendations to give people better access to this life saving treatment.

Should you or a loved one need a recommendation for a weight loss surgeon, we can help you! Through our affiliation with Gramercy Surgery Center, we can refer you to some of the best Bariatric surgeons in New York. Give the office a call or mention it on your next visit to Midtown Podiatry , with locations in Midtown, Gramercy Park, Union Square, Wall Street or Glen Cove .

Are Physicians Starting To Burn Out

A recent study published in the Archives of Internal Medicine showed that half of all physicians exhibit at least 1 sign of burnout. Measures of burnout include high levels of emotional exhaustion, high levels of depersonalization and low sense of personal accomplishment. Physicians also have higher levels of burnout than other American workers according to the study. Physicians on the front lines of medicine, such as family medicine, emergency medicine and general internal medicine seem to be especially prone to burnout. Specialists seem to have less symptoms of burn out. What is driving this trend?

The authors of this study think that loss of autonym and loss of meaning in what physicians do are major factors. These factors and others are influenced largely by the current healthcare environment and all the tasks that a physician must perform throughout the day. It all affects the doctor-patient relationship. Patients notice this as well, with many expressing dissatisfaction with their doctor visits. Perhaps it is all the other tasks physicians have to perform before, during and after a patient visit that are affecting this. Charting the visit, following up test results, contacting other providers, calling insurance companies are just some of the tasks a physician must do related to a visit.

The face to face time with the doctor and patient is what suffers. This face to face time helping people is what drew most of us to medicine in the first place. The direction that medicine is heading is sure to increase this non-patient work that needs to be done. All physicians should make a concerted effort to improve the face to face time we have with patients, for theirs and our sakes. Also, keeping a healthy work-life balance is essential to decreasing burnout symptoms. A healthy body, mind and spirit are all fortifications against burnout. We as physicians are privileged to be able to look after the needs of our patients. Patients should as well be thankful there are physicians to take care of them. So, next time you are in to see your doctor, remember that he has a lot to do outside of your visit to give you the best care possible. Thank him or her for being there for you. Help them keep their purpose alive, so we can keep the best and brightest in medicine.

Make an appointment today to see the doctors of Midtown Podiatry, who strive daily to increase relationships with all of our patients.

Learn About Medical Nutrition Therapy

Medical Nutrition Therapy has been around for more than 200 years. It was the only way to manage Diabetes prior to the discovery of insulin therapy. Nutrition therapy for diabetes was initially popularized by Dr Elliot P Joslin, one of the most important diabetes physicians of modern times. Dr Joslin held a strong belief that patients should be empowered to help in their treatment. Today, the benefits of proper nutrition are well appreciated. With diabetics, proper nutrition has been shown to decrease the dose of medications needed to control blood sugar and allow for weight loss, which have been shown to reduce the complications of Type 2 diabetes.

How to get started?

For any medical intervention to be succesful, realization of the need for therapy by both the patient and medical professional are essential. Simply saying “avoid sugar” or “cut back on carbs” is not enough to achieve good outcomes. The Primary Care Physician or Endocrinologist needs to emphasize the importance of nutrition to all diabetic patients and make the referral to a nutrionist or diaetician where appropriate. Medical Nutrion Therapy begins with a thorough assessment by a registered nutritionist or dietitian. This assessment will address metabolic needs and lifestyle patterns, help set goals and guide interventions The information obtained from this assessment can help develop specific, individualized dietary recommendations. The challenge for medical practitioners is to translate these recommendations into a patients lifesyle and make them an intergral part of their treatment plan. The registered nutritionist/dietician along with the diabete educator are 2 very important parts of the team approach to treating diabetics.

For more imformation or a recommendation to a nutritionist, please call us. If you or anyone you know has a diabetes related foot problem or just need to have their feet checked, don’t hesitate! Give our office a call ASAP! The foot you save may be your own!

How To Shave Your Head

Want to know how to shave your head? There actually are tried and true steps that are detailed here.

The first and most important element, once you’ve made the decision to shave your head, is to know your head and I mean not just what you see in the mirror.

The contours of your head, the thickness of your hair, the texture (fineness or coarseness), whether it’s curly or straight are all factors that will affect the shave because this is definitely not one size fits all.

What may work for your best buddy will not necessarily work for you and learn why…

The Bald Truth About How To Shave Your Head

While you want to know how to shave your head don’t expect your first time in to be perfect…and that’s okay. A clue to the way your head will respond to shaving is in how your beard responds to shaving. Chances are good that you will have areas of your head that respond the same way.

Shaving in the shower may be your best bet because the feeling of water massaging your head will help relax your scalp muscles, open your pores and follicles, and soften your hair for a smoother head shave by the razor blade.

If you’re new at this, it’s better to use a razor with a high quality blade made specifically for head shaving. With the proper razor, you won’t need to worry so much about the angle or the pressure applied to your head.

Shaving Against the Grain and Other Shaving Tips

The one constant in how to shave your head for getting a clean shaved head and smooth skin is to use good quality shaving products for both preparation and post-shave care. To shave your head, remember the following:

Your head shave is best completed after a warm shower. This softens the scalp and opens the hair follicles.

Apply a good botanical shave oil, as a pre-shave will give you a moisturized prep for a pain-free shave. This is especially true for guys with sensitive skin.

Shaving after a shower will leave your hair softer and easier to cut.

Start with the lighter, finer hair and leave the coarser hair until last giving your pre-shave product more time to work.

Guys with coarse or curly hair should consider shaving with the grain because you are the ones more susceptible to ingrown hairs and razor bumps.

Guys with finer hair can shave against the grain for the closest shave. Shaving with the grain gives you the least amount of irritation.

Spare yourself some painful nicks by passing over each area of your scalp only once. Unless your razor isn’t sharp enough, this should do the trick. This will also minimize any irritation.

Remember guys (and gals) to take your time, take smooth long strokes and go slowly.

When you’re done, apply cool water to your head. The warm water before the shave opens your pores to allow moisture in. Following your shave with cold or cool water will close those pores to aid retaining the moisture.

Apply a post-shave lotion to pre-empt any skin irritation but make sure it doesn’t contain any alcohol. Alcohol will dry your skin not to mention that it will leave you with a little after burn sensation on a fresh cut.

Remember to use good quality products that assist you in providing the best shave possible. Perfection comes with experience. How to shave your head the best way is by taking the time to consistently go through the “ritual” which will in-turn guarantee you great results.

Parental Drug Abuse Children

When there is parental drug abuse in the home, the children will have problems. Parents who do not provide good role models, do not fulfill their parental role. Parents are looked up to by their children – what young children observe they come to see as being the way of life.

Parental drug abuse can have an impact on children before they are born – parental drug use can affect child development from conception, particularly in the first three months of the pregnancy when the fetus is most actively developing.

Fetal alcohol syndrome can deform and retard an infant, drug abuse produces low birth weight babies – some infants when born suffer from drug withdrawal. Drug abuse can lead to lack of bonding between mother and baby. This can lead to attachment difficulties for the child in all future relationships.

Deprivation, depression, malnutrition and emotional distress occur when the attention of the mother is focused more upon drug abuse than on caring for her baby. Parental drug abuse can isolate the family from the community and give children the stigma of being from a “bad” family.

With parental drug abuse there is tension and often fighting between the parents. Between ducking for cover and trying to form meaningful attachment to its parents, a child can be emotionally torn apart. Scientific evidence suggests that when a child is under stress, survival needs are prioritized. Fully integrated cognitive and emotional development does not occur. Abuse from parents can be physical and emotional.

An example of fragmented development of the psyche occurs with schizophrenia. R D Laing provides many case studies in his books which would suggest that it is enforced relationship with dysfunctional, powerful others that is a prime cause of mental distress and disorder in those who have to live with them.

When children have to cope with the fallout from parental drug abuse, it takes away their childhood. Living in fear tends to make children streetwise and wary – but emotionally vulnerable. Children may take sides with and feel protective of a mother – while experiencing intense guilt and shame at their lack of power to deal with the situation.

If a mother is abusing drugs, children will feel most insecure. The foundations for trust and love are based on our early experience of “mother”.

When the adults in the home abuse drugs it reduces the available money for necessities of life. Drug abuse has a negative effect at both a financial and emotional level. Children need the help and support of parents to meet their developmental milestones.

When parents are not responsive to important issues that the child is facing, children may become over dependent on other children to fill their emotional need for attachment. They will find that it is easy to attach themselves to gangs and groups who also feel alienated from normal relationships in the community.

Parents who are immersed in drug culture have an uncertain, anxious lifestyle, sometimes actual violence, illness, criminal conviction impacts upon the children.

Parents intent on raising “good” children will tend to ostracize and keep away from families with drug abuse problems.

Children can feel anger, resentment, envy and shame as a result of their parents not being like other happy family people.

Children distressed by parental drug abuse are lucky if they can confide in a relative or a grown up friend, as this helps them to gain a wider and hopefully more positive experience. Unless parents accept responsibility to stop drug abuse – intervention is justified.