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The Advantages Of Using Natural Baby Shampoo

Beauty products nowadays may contain various kinds of chemicals. We never know what is inside the beauty products. As for baby products, shampoo may also contains chemicals that might not be good for babies. If you want to protect your baby, then using a natural baby shampoo can be a good option for you.

This is because baby’s skin is still very soft and vulnerable to irritation. Compared to adults’ skin, baby’s skin can absorb chemicals faster. This means that if there is any dangerous substance inside the products, the baby will absorb it easily. This can put the baby’s health in danger. Therefore, it is good to switch to products that are more natural.

What is Harmful in Baby Shampoo?

Chemical-based baby shampoo sometimes contains substances that might be harmful for babies, especially if it is used for a long time. Some shampoos have diethanolamine or DEA in them. Some contain propylene glycol. The DEA is classified as carcinogen, while propylene glycol is known as industrial antifreeze. These chemicals are dangerous. Besides, detergents might also be inside baby shampoos. If the shampoo gets into baby’s eyes, it can sting. It can also irritate baby’s skin and cause skin disease like eczema.

Using Natural Baby Shampoo to Protect a Baby’s Skin

If you decide to use natural baby shampoo, then you have made a good decision. With the natural shampoo, you can protect your baby’s skin from harmful ingredients. Since a baby’s immune system is still immature, using natural products will help the skin development and make the baby’s skin healthy.

The natural baby shampoo is good for the baby’s scalp and hair. Since it doesn’t contain chemicals, it is more gentle for the baby’s sensitive skin. Natural shampoo also contains vitamins, which is good for the baby’s hair and scalp development. It can help to stimulate baby’s hair growth without leave any remaining substances that may cause irritation.

If you take a look at natural baby shampoo, there are many natural ingredients used. The most common and widely known ingredients are ylang ylang, organic lavender water, natural citric acid, and organic tea tree oil. Other ingredients, which are also popular, are soy protein, vitamin E and B5, and the family of chamomile herbs and bergamot.

These ingredients are very good for a baby’s skin. Another additional advantage is that natural shampoo is not tested on animals. Many manufacturers nowadays consider this as an important thing as well.

Baby Shampoo for Adults

As you can see, natural baby shampoo has many positive traits and advantages. What is good about this baby shampoo is that it can be used for adults as well. The shampoo is safe for baby, which means it is also safe for adults who have better body protection. Adults can get the benefits in the form of non-toxic beauty products, as well as help to save the environment through the way the shampoo is produced. Just make sure that you look carefully at the ingredients before you choose to buy a certain natural shampoo. Then your baby, and maybe you also, will feel the advantage of it.