Everything You Need To Know About Botox Treatment

Botox, a medication produced from Botulinum toxin has the ability to weaken and paralyze the muscles in your body. With that said, botox treatments don’t aim for that outcome. Botox treatments will only use small dosages, since it is effective in reducing facial lines and skin wrinkles, in addition to helping in the treatment of other medical problems. In this article, we will provide you with all of the information that you need about botox treatment.

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The basics of botox treatment

Botox is primarily created from the Botulinum toxin that is produced by the bacterium Clostridium botulinum. This is the same toxin that causes botulism. With that said, it is not toxic when used properly in doses that are small enough not to trigger toxicity. It has uses both in the cosmetics and medicinal field, but in this article, we will focus more on its cosmetic uses. Botox injections are effective in reducing the look of facial lines and wrinkles, making it an effective cosmetic treatment.

Additionally, the Food and Drug Administration or FDA has authorized it as a cure for numerous health problems, such as eyelid spasms, extreme perspiration, a number of bladder problems, as well as migraine.

Botox is extracted from the C. botulinum bacteria. This specific type of bacteria can be found in a variety of natural environments like lakes, forests, land, as well as the in the innards of animals like fish and mammals. C. botulinum bacteria that are found in their natural environment like the ones mentioned above are normally safe. They will only have a chance to become dangerous when the spores cause the cell population of the C. botulinum bacteria to increase. In case this happens, bacteria increase their production of botulinum toxin, a deadly neurotoxin that causes botulism.

Is using botox treatment safe?

Botulinum toxin is really dangerous, with scientists stating that even 1 g a battalion toxin in its crystal form have the ability to kill 1 million people. Meanwhile, 2 kg of this neurotoxin has the ability to kill all humans currently on Earth.

Despite this danger, Botox is safe when used in its medical context properly. The American Osteopathic College of Dermatology has supported this view, saying that botox is harmless and contains relatively few negative side effects as long as it’s administered by a registered physician. Companies that produce Botox shots use modest dosages of Botulinum toxin. Products like this can momentarily relax muscles, which is a great help to people with muscle problems.

How botox treatment works

Since Botox is a neurotoxin, it has the ability to affect the nervous system. It can disturb the nerve signals going to the brain, especially those signals that stimulate the interaction of the muscles. Because of this, botox is able to induce muscle paralysis on a momentary basis.

Muscles will contract as a result of a chemical released by the brain known as acetylcholine. This chemical will signal the brain receptors that are connected to muscles, which will cause them to contract. Botox have the ability to hinder the release of this brain chemical, preventing your muscles from contracting in the first place.

Usage of Botox in cosmetology

The main application of Botox in cosmetology is on reducing aging signs on the face, as well as minimizing imperfections, such as wrinkles. Botox injectables are a very popular cosmetic treatment in the United States. Reports from the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery back in 2016 have shown that there are 7 million people that availed themselves of Botox treatment. With that said, the effects of Botox treatment are not permanent. In fact, it will only last for about 3 months to 1 year. However, duration is based on the treatment that you chose. 

Botox is mainly used on the areas of the face that are mentioned below

  1. facial lines near the mouth
  2. Forehead creases
  3. Wrinkles near the eyes
  4. Facial lines between eyebrows
  5. Facial lines in the chin area

Despite botox being used in a variety of facial areas, it is only approved by the Food and Drug Administration to be applied near the eyes and your forehead.

Additionally, there is no research to support that Botox can cure dark circles, so be wary of medical establishments that offer it for that purpose. The same can be said for improving hair appearance, and other treatments other than facial lines. Other unapproved uses of Botox include treatment for psoriasis, vulvodynia, alopecia, Raynaud’s disease, neuralgia, and other similar problems. Although these are not approved, there is no reason to decide that they do not work, since a lot of previous clients have attested to their effectiveness.

In your relationship, there are symptoms that you are the problematic one

We frequently hear couples quarrel and blaming one another for being toxic in their relationships. Then, after they cut ties, we witness the ex-couple regularly trash one other there next to their colleagues, saying things like Thank Goodness I’m out of that destructive relationship, or He was incredibly toxic for me. Have you ever considered that you, rather than your companion, might be toxic?

In each relationship, we are so focused on pointing out the flaws in the other person that we overlook our own mistakes. Now is the moment to reflect on your behavior and consider how toxic you might be in a partnership. It is possible that recognizing your harmful traits will salvage your connection. If you are in any dilemma and wondering, you can get am I in a toxic relationship quiz online.

What is the definition of a poisonous relationship?

A toxic relationship is defined as one individual who thinks oppressed, devalued, under-loved, irritated, aggressive, or simply negative. You are simply looking for flaws in such a connection to prove that you are superior to your companion. Instead of discussing your relationship troubles with the individual in question, you talk about them with everyone else.

Symptoms indicating you’re the relationship’s toxic partner

  • Things to work out in your favor

Everyone knows the desire to be in charge and have stuff accomplished your way. However, you don’t think about what your companion might want. You don’t consider the possibility that your companion might prefer something different or have a different preference than you. In a relationship, the idea of equality takes a knock, which is the first step toward a partnership in decline.

  • Personal Space

You want your spouse to be aware of your emotions, aspirations, and preferences without you needing to speak anything, yet you do not comprehend his. You make the assumption he has no interests, ambitions, or emotions and that he spends all of his time wondering about you. Furthermore, you need him to appreciate your living privacy by allowing you to do anything you want, but you do not reciprocate! You want to know everything and will become enraged if he tries to do things without you.

  • You are the center of attention

The worst-case scenario would be when your entire relationship revolves around whatever you want to consume, see, travel to, vacation to, and how your perspective is always vindicated in a quarrel. We are confident you understand what this implies.

  • Abuse of the Emotions

There is a difference between being toxic and abusing. In extremely abusive relations, you scream, and you use an uncomfortable scene or a delicate subject to your advantage, which only hurts your spouse. You may not notice it, but you are emotionally influencing your spouse if you are doing this.

Make a choice to mend your marriage. Efforts alone are insufficient. You must mentally make the decision to restore the connection and form a relationship with it once more.

Hidden Dangers Of Varicose Veins That You Must Be Aware Of

Ever seen red and blue spider web-like things on your legs and wondered what they are? What do they do other than spoil the beauty of your legs? Most of us wouldn’t even worry about them had they not been so “visible” and “ugly”. But are they worrisome?

There are basically two names depending on the look and feel of those red and blue lines. There are varicose veins that are bulging and more twisted to the extent that you can see them and quickly feel them under your skin. A smaller version of the varicose veins is what we know as spider veins. Spider veins appear in a webbed pattern and consist of both red and blue lines. The main difference between the two other than the physical look and feel is that varicose veins can cause more severe problems in the future. 

About 30% of the world population tends to suffer from varicose veins, and most of the time, they can be just cosmetic issues, like in the case of spider veins. So how do you know whether the varicose veins that you suffer from are severe or not? The first and primary sign to keep in mind is whether your varicose veins are painful. If they are painful, then they should be looked into immediately. 

How do varicose veins get formed?

To understand what are the hidden dangers of varicose veins, it is firstly important to understand what causes the formation of varicose veins. They are an indication of a problem in the circulatory system. Two reasons lead to the appearance of varicose veins. 

  1. The veins in our body have one-way valves to prevent the backflow of the blood. When these valves become leaky and blood pools in the veins, they result in varicose veins. 
  2. The other reason is that sometimes the vein walls are weakened over a while and cannot handle the pressure of the increased amount of blood flow. 

These further result in the enlargement and the twisting of veins, which happens to the extent that it grows into varicose veins. 

Dangers of Varicose veins

If left untreated, you can get serious health conditions because of varicose veins primarily related to the circulatory system. Some of the conditions have been discussed below.

  • Deep Vein Thrombosis – 

If blood clots are being formed in the varicose veins, there is a probability that blood clots will develop in the deeper veins. This leads to a condition called deep vein thrombosis. Deep vein thrombosis is a severe medical condition that requires immediate medical attention. It can lead to warm, swollen, red, and painful legs. 

The most crucial risk is that if the blood clot breaks and travels to the heart or the lungs, it can cause a blockage in a major artery which can even result in death. This condition is known as pulmonary embolism. Pulmonary embolism can be identified by chest pain, shortness of breath, and cough, which brings pinkish fluid. 

  • Chronic Venous Insufficiency

Another condition that can arise due to varicose veins is known as chronic venous insufficiency (CVI). Chronic venous insufficiency (CVI) is when the blood pools in the legs and makes it difficult for the blood circulation to move from the legs to the heart. This restriction in circulation can lead to the accumulation of fluid and the condition known as edema.  

People suffering from CVI or edema are known to experience cramps and pains, and weakness in the legs. With time, it can affect your mobility and further cause a reduction in the quality of life. 

  • Phlebitis or Thrombophlebitis

Due to varicose veins, the veins get inflamed, and you will often find people complaining about the area hardening or getting painful to touch. This condition can occur both in the veins on the surface and even deeper veins, resulting in a condition known as Phlebitis or Thrombophlebitis, when it is on the deeper veins. 

Phlebitis or Thrombophlebitis can further lead to narrowing of the arteries and further increase the chances of blood clots. 

Other than these, there are various skin conditions, like swelling, skin ulcers, and skin infections, which are found to occur due to varicose veins.


There are various reasons and factors for the development of varicose veins. In the earlier stages, like spider veins, this might not seem so severe. However, if a change of lifestyle is not adopted, there is a chance that it might develop into something much more powerful. The treatment of varicose veins is not wholly possible; however, some medicines, like laser treatment, can help to an extent. 

Like it always said, precaution is better than cure. Hence it’s better to take specific steps for the prevention of varicose veins, like 

  1. Have some exercise regime 
  2. Manage your weight 
  3. Avoid sitting or standing for prolonged periods. 
  4. Reduce salt intake
  5. Avoid wearing high heels or tight-fitting clothes. 
  6. Elevate your legs above heart level.

However, if you find your condition getting worse, ensure that you consult a doctor. 

Pain Behind the Knee: 5 Main Causes and What to Do

Pain behind the knee is not a normal symptom and its occurrence may indicate important things that should be evaluated by the traumatologist. Some situations that can cause this pain are the presence of a Baker’s cyst, varicose veins or osteoarthritis; tendinitis of the hamstring muscles, or a meniscus injury.

The diagnosis should be made by the physician after physical evaluation and the indication of some imaging tests, such as an MRI or ultrasound of the knee, for example. Treatment may involve the intake of anti-inflammatory drugs to control pain and physiotherapy sessions. 

Pain behind the knee: 5 main causes and what to do. The most common causes of pain behind the knee are:

  1. Baker’s cyst

Baker’s cyst, also called a popliteal cyst, is a type of cyst with synovial fluid inside located in the back of the knee and is usually related to other diseases such as arthritis, meniscus injury, or cartilage wear, so it does not need treatment, disappearing when the causative disease is controlled. Most commonly it is located between the medial gastrocnemius and the semimembranosus tendon. Symptoms include pain behind the knee, as well as some limitation when bending the knee and localized swelling, which forms a sore and mobile “bump” that can be felt.

What to do: Not all cases need treatment, but in case the individual presents symptoms, the doctor could indicate several sessions of physical therapy to alleviate the symptoms. Also, in case of severe pain, aspiration of the fluid containing the cyst may be indicated.

  1. Tendinitis or hamstring bursitis

Pain behind the knee can also be caused by tendonitis located in the hamstring tendons, which are located in the posterior region of the thigh. This region is more prone to injury in people who are athletes and who practice intense physical activity such as running, soccer, or cycling. The main symptom that arises is pain at the level of the tendon at the back of the knee, on the side, or in the center. 

What to do: Stretching exercises should be performed on these muscles and a cold compress should be applied to the region for 20 minutes after stretching, relieving pain and discomfort. It is also recommended to avoid heavy exertion and intense physical activity, such as running. Physiotherapy can also help to reduce pain and discomfort, as well as to normalize daily activities. 

  1. Varicose veins 

When the person presents varicose veins in the legs and in the area behind the knee, these can leave the area more painful, mainly when there is a greater accumulation of blood in this area. Telangiectasias or spider veins can cause pain or a feeling of heavy legs at the end of the day. Varicose veins are easily identified with the naked eye, however, in more serious cases the doctor may request tests for a more thorough evaluation, and may even indicate surgery to remove them. 

What to do: You should go to the doctor for an evaluation, which usually indicates the use of compression stockings, as well as the use of medications that help improve circulation such as Daflon, for example. 

You should also avoid standing or sitting for long periods of time, and should stand up and walk every so often. There are also some treatments such as sclerotherapy or surgical treatments to remove varicose veins from the legs, which are indicated by the doctor, if necessary.

  1. Arthrosis

Osteoarthritis in the knee can also cause pain in the knee when the worn areas of the joint are located in the most posterior area. It is more common in people over the age of 50 and may be associated with other conditions, such as excess weight or weakness in the thigh muscles.

What to do: The doctor may prescribe some stretching exercises for the legs, which can be done at home or with a skilled physical therapist , allowing pain relief and strengthening of the knee. In addition to this, he/she may prescribe the intake of anti-inflammatory drugs, analgesics, and food supplements to help restore the joint. In more severe cases, surgery may be indicated.

  1. Meniscus injury

The meniscus is cartilage found in the middle of the knee between the femur and tibia bones. The symptoms that usually arise are a pain in the knee when walking, going up and downstairs, and, depending on the area of the injury, the pain may be in the front, back or sides of the knee. 

What to do: If a meniscus injury is suspected, an orthopedist should be consulted for evaluation. A knee pain doctor in NJ can perform some tests which trigger pain and confirm the diagnosis, however the best test to observe the meniscus is through an MRI. Treatment may be with physical therapy or, in more severe cases surgery, in which the surgeon may suture or cut the affected part of the meniscus.

Medications for pain behind the knee

Tablet medications should not be taken without medical guidance. The clinician may recommend taking anti-inflammatory medications for 7-10 days to decrease pain. Corticosteroid infiltration may be an option in more severe cases, mainly when there is no relief of symptoms with the use of medications and physical therapy. Some anti-inflammatory creams and gels that the doctor usually indicates are diclofenac diethylammonium, arnica, or methyl salicylate, which can be acquired in pharmacies and drugstores. 

However, it is not enough to take medication or use ointments, it is important to treat the cause of the knee pain. If it does not disappear after 1 week or if it is a very intense pain that prevents you from performing your daily activities, you should consult a doctor or physiotherapist.

The Advantages Of Using Natural Baby Shampoo

Beauty products nowadays may contain various kinds of chemicals. We never know what is inside the beauty products. As for baby products, shampoo may also contains chemicals that might not be good for babies. If you want to protect your baby, then using a natural baby shampoo can be a good option for you.

This is because baby’s skin is still very soft and vulnerable to irritation. Compared to adults’ skin, baby’s skin can absorb chemicals faster. This means that if there is any dangerous substance inside the products, the baby will absorb it easily. This can put the baby’s health in danger. Therefore, it is good to switch to products that are more natural.

What is Harmful in Baby Shampoo?

Chemical-based baby shampoo sometimes contains substances that might be harmful for babies, especially if it is used for a long time. Some shampoos have diethanolamine or DEA in them. Some contain propylene glycol. The DEA is classified as carcinogen, while propylene glycol is known as industrial antifreeze. These chemicals are dangerous. Besides, detergents might also be inside baby shampoos. If the shampoo gets into baby’s eyes, it can sting. It can also irritate baby’s skin and cause skin disease like eczema.

Using Natural Baby Shampoo to Protect a Baby’s Skin

If you decide to use natural baby shampoo, then you have made a good decision. With the natural shampoo, you can protect your baby’s skin from harmful ingredients. Since a baby’s immune system is still immature, using natural products will help the skin development and make the baby’s skin healthy.

The natural baby shampoo is good for the baby’s scalp and hair. Since it doesn’t contain chemicals, it is more gentle for the baby’s sensitive skin. Natural shampoo also contains vitamins, which is good for the baby’s hair and scalp development. It can help to stimulate baby’s hair growth without leave any remaining substances that may cause irritation.

If you take a look at natural baby shampoo, there are many natural ingredients used. The most common and widely known ingredients are ylang ylang, organic lavender water, natural citric acid, and organic tea tree oil. Other ingredients, which are also popular, are soy protein, vitamin E and B5, and the family of chamomile herbs and bergamot.

These ingredients are very good for a baby’s skin. Another additional advantage is that natural shampoo is not tested on animals. Many manufacturers nowadays consider this as an important thing as well.

Baby Shampoo for Adults

As you can see, natural baby shampoo has many positive traits and advantages. What is good about this baby shampoo is that it can be used for adults as well. The shampoo is safe for baby, which means it is also safe for adults who have better body protection. Adults can get the benefits in the form of non-toxic beauty products, as well as help to save the environment through the way the shampoo is produced. Just make sure that you look carefully at the ingredients before you choose to buy a certain natural shampoo. Then your baby, and maybe you also, will feel the advantage of it.

Being The More Stylish And Sexier You At Night Club Party With Hot Pink Dress Shoes

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There are so many kinds of hot pink dress shoes which are available in today’s recent market that could be chosen by you based on your style. Choosing the right one among so many choices and variants in today’s recent market should not always buy the one in expensive price. There are so many of them which could be gotten and also reached by you just in affordable price without cost you much at all.

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Male Pattern Baldness Option

Plagued by male pattern baldness like millions of others? Are you more than a little concerned about the blizzard of hair adorning your bathroom sink or clogging your shower drain?

Okay, it’s not quite that bad but noticing what seems to be a continual cascade of falling hair day after day is. Do you have a special event coming up like a wedding, convention or class reunion where you want to look your best? Or maybe you are interviewing for a new job and just want to feel better about your looks.

Have you been losing your hair for some time and wish you would have done something about it sooner? Why men and women lose their hair can be based on any number of factors but the most universal is androgenic alopecia.

For those of us who sometimes procrastinate, whether intentionally or due to a hectic schedule and need instant help in our eleventh hour, this post is intended to provide you with an immediate solution to masking hair loss. Whether this solution is a temporary measure or permanent, is totally up to you.

The Truth about Male Pattern Baldness

The most common form of hair loss is androgenic alopecia…the official name for “male pattern baldness”. And, while genetics tops the list of possible suspects, here are some potential contributors:

DHT : Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) is a derivative of testosterone that increases as men age. DHT blocks blood flow to the scalp and damages hair follicles, affecting their growth. As DHT increases, the pocket surrounding the hair shaft decreases eventually causing the hair to fall out.

: Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) is a derivative of testosterone that increases as men age. DHT blocks blood flow to the scalp and damages hair follicles, affecting their growth. As DHT increases, the pocket surrounding the hair shaft decreases eventually causing the hair to fall out. Diet : Fatty foods are known to impact hormones, that may lead to increased DHT production. Caffeine is a diuretic and can contribute to the dehydration of your scalp, increased oil production, that may clog hair follicles and prevent normal growth.

: Fatty foods are known to impact hormones, that may lead to increased DHT production. Caffeine is a diuretic and can contribute to the dehydration of your scalp, increased oil production, that may clog hair follicles and prevent normal growth. Illness/Medication: In rare cases, illness or strong medications can temporarily result in sudden hair loss. The operative word here being “temporarily”. In this instance your hair will generally grow back.

While Propecia® and Minoxidil® are the only two FDA-approved treatments that have proven effective at curbing and sometimes reversing hair loss, they can take from 3 months to 1 full year to work…if they work for you at all. Not to mention potential side affects. You want, and can have, results now.

Get Relief from Male Pattern Baldness in 15 Seconds (or less)

A shake-on hair product containing all natural Keratin fibers may be an answer to male pattern baldness without surgery, without ingesting any pills, and without massaging creams into your scalp with unknown results. What you do get is an instant way to have a great look that’s painless, non-invasive, all natural and with natural-looking results that will stay on all day or all night. Here’s your eleventh hour answer to filling in thinning hair.

How Do Keratin Fibers Work for Male Pattern Baldness?

Natural keratin fibers statically adhere to the fine, thinning areas of your scalp. These fibers, color-matched to your own hair, are shaken over thinning areas, lightly patted in place and then completed with the spritz of a finishing spray.

The shake-on option is so fast, easy and natural looking, you’re done and on your way in 15 seconds (or less) with a renewed self-confidence. Until you make the decision to take steps for regrowing hair either through a product containing Minoxidil or hair transplant or through DHT blocking ingredients you have a solution, at least temporarily to eliminate some of that pressure.

All Keratin Hair Fiber Products offer these features

Not only do they all offer an instant solution for thinning hair and a problem with male pattern baldness but the natural, enriched keratin fibers come with list of other advantages:

You have a choice of multiple colors…usually, Blond, Light Gray, Gray, Auburn, Light Brown, Dark Brown, and Black

  • Hair fibers won’t drip or rub off
  • They won’t stain your clothes
  • The fibers wash out easily with shampoo
  • Use them as a compliment to other hair loss products you may choose
  • Does your head sweat? No problem. Most come with a finishing spray and some offer other products like shampoo
  • These will work on any hair type
  • Works well for men and women
  • One shake-on container can be expected to last for about 30 applications
  • Most have at least a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

If it’s not for you, after you try it, send it back for a refund but check to see if the manufacturer deducts shipping and handling for the product

Where do you buy shake-on hair fibers?

There are a number of places to find shake-on hair fibers and there are a number of manufacturers or distributors for the product. I have listed some of the more well known below.

I do not have any financial interest in any of these products or their manufacturers and I am not promoting one brand over another.

I am simply identifying another option for consideration in your treatment of thinning hair or male pattern baldness. Any of the links below will take you directly to that brand’s website should you wish additional information.

All but Tip Top Hair are available on Amazon.com. Products are anywhere from $10.00 to $25.00 plus shipping for a one month option depending on where you choose to buy. Shipping will run between $4.95 and $5.95 and can be free depending on how much you order or where you buy.

This may be the answer you’ve been looking for or at least it gives you something else to consider. Hair doesn’t make the man or woman but for some….it helps.

So Many Options With Hermes Replica Scarves

Every now and then, I like to try to get as much as I can out of my accessories. That is why an Hermes scarf is such a great purchase. Hermes scarves are so versatile, you can literally change it into something new! These designer scarves are so luxurious and feel so great against your skin, so I think the more you can wear this item, the better you will feel! Check out my tips below for getting more mileage out of your Hermes silk scarves!

One of the easiest ways to wear your scarf in a different way is to wear it as a belt. Okay, this might sound like a no brainer, but check out the photograph above, and you can see how cool it looks (and it is easy to do). The only thing you have to do is fold it up (evenly) into a long strip, then wrap the length of the scarf around your waist! Another great way to utilize your silk scarves is to make a cute little bandeau top. Check out the next photo, also above, which illustrates how to do this. If you are looking for a cool top, check out the photographs below, which will show you a couple of ways to make your designer scarf into a designer top! I absolutely love the way that these tops look and feel, especially when you need to look great in no time!

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Alcohol Homelessness Rehab Addiction Alcohol

The image of a homeless alcohol addict, sleeping under a pile of newspapers, on a park bench at night is for many fact of life. Secure places for homeless alcohol addicts to sleep at night are limited. The reality is that some who are addicted to alcohol do not want the confines of safe shelter. They make a choice to sleep out in the street. There are people homeless due to alcohol addiction in every city.

Whereas most drug addicts don’t see middle age, alcohol addicts who are homeless can be in late middle to early old age. Homeless alcoholics include both men and women who have chosen the bottle as a way of life. Some advanced alcoholics drink methylated spirits. Young adults and teenagers, including children as young as 10, who have become homeless often use alcohol and may have alcohol dependence because alcohol is cheap, can be legally obtained and it is a comfort to them.

There are many reasons why adult alcohol addicts become homeless. Most have previously been able to accommodate and support themselves, some have even been quite prosperous, owning their own homes and businesses, or employed in executive jobs.

Alcoholism is not a disease, it is simply caused by stress. There is said to be a relationship between alcohol addiction and a diagnosis of mental illness, and certainly if not pre existent, prolonged alcohol abuse will cause both physical and mental ill health.

The problem of homeless alcoholics highlights the fact that our world is structured such that no one has an entitlement to safe shelter and to a roof over their head. In our world, to have safe shelter you have to go out and earn it. Unless you win lottery, or seek charity, or find yourself rounded up into the custody of the system, there is simply no place in this world where, without money, you can lawfully be. This makes for temporary hang outs and an itinerant life style for the people of the streets.

Part of the problem for the homeless addicted is that they lack a sense of purpose and self-identity. Their only continuing connection with mainstream society might be a social security linked bank account. With no job and no social security, then for all intents and purposes, the homeless addict is simply invisible to the system. The homeless alcoholic depends on his wits and upon charity.

Due to alcohol abuse being a passive defense to the experience of emotional pain, alcoholics are not, like addicts high on speed, regarded as a public threat, more of a public nuisance. Alcoholics function in the depressive range – with little hope or expectation for the future and low regard for self. For some, a need to accept charity perhaps for the first time can be an added blow to self esteem.

Government housing assists many in poverty but it goes with the assumption that people will still pay a rental which is within their means. Providing homes for the homeless would require a bottomless purse. Not only do they lack both money and possessions, they are destitute in spirit.

The solution to homeless addiction lies in raising self esteem and optimism for the future. Holistic counseling methods can bring relief from a depressive outlook and provide help with issues of self esteem. Often the ladder back into society can look too hard to climb. Holistic therapy, including 100% drug free detox methods for alcohol addiction can provide a helping hand.

Alcohol Drug Abuse Treatment

Alcohol drug abuse treatment deals with a variety of personality disorders in the compulsive range. When a person engages in compulsive behavior it is reasonably certain that the issues behind it are very deeply entrenched, such that no alternatives give the same degree of relief and satisfaction.

The medical fraternity considers alcohol and drug abuse to be a disease, or mental illness and so alcohol drug abuse treatment consists primarily of medications, sometimes but not always with associated therapy. What therapy there is, is often limited, a person after medical alcohol drug abuse treatment will often find himself out there on his own.

Sometimes government funded alcohol drug abuse treatment will involve attendance at funded self-help groups. Many complain after years, that although their condition is stabilized, they don’t feel they have really moved on. There is no alcohol drug abuse treatment that professes to have found a cure. The medical profession claims the reasons to be genetic and say that they are still looking for the genes, or that causes are unknown and are happy to leave it there. It is against the law for any non-medical health practitioner to claim to have found a cure for any type of health problem or addiction.

Alcohol drug abuse treatment has been around for years, the best for alcohol is the 12 step plan, teaching abstinence and methods to cope with the continued craving. Drug abuse is treated mainly with long term, less damaging chemical alternatives, in all cases people are called recovering or in recovery – never in medical terms do you hear of anyone who has recovered from the “disease” of addiction as they call it.

There are many who consider that alcohol drug abuse treatment should be directed towards people’s emotional side, and that possible cures, and healing can occur with holistic methods. Many agree that such alcohol drug abuse treatment should be somehow “dynamic”, re-creating and creating positive change. Not many have more than a theory as to how this can be achieved.

The idea that merely talking about your feelings, to someone who understands what you are talking about, and who can provide guidance, support and interpretation as a means of alcohol drug abuse treatment is too simple it seems to deserve any funding and lacks a clear evidence base. Millions of dollars is poured into the medical system, the evidence being overwhelming that their alcohol drug abuse treatment at best supports the afflicted, it’s nowhere near to a cure. Alcohol drug abuse still continues to rise.

What is clearly needed is a level playing field, with all types of alternative practices funded, on a trial basis, giving them a chance to prove their worth. Surely the current failure of standard alcohol drug abuse treatment to fully alleviate suffering should encourage a search for new and better methods, if only on humanitarian grounds. Currently medicine is very much re-inventing the wheel as it investigates, as possible cures, plants and herbal medicine, the holistic methods of old. It may well be found at the end of the day, that it is not new methodology we seek for alcohol drug abuse treatment but a return to community and personal relationship that we seem to have lost along the way.